The new Freight Forwarders platform is online!

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Freight Forwarders have asked for it… TK’Blue made it happen!
Our new platform is now online


This new version of the online platform for Freight Forwarders is designed to provide a more fluid and simplified user experience while providing business tools that help save time and give a peace of mind.

Key improvements include, but are not limited to:

  • A “responsive” interface much more user-oriented and adaptable to all types of screens
  • A simplified menu grouping the 4 main axes of TK’Blue services. On one side: management – objectives – reporting – data flow and on the other, 3 indexes TK’T, GHG and CSR for labelling and valorizing transport providers’ CSR
  • A dashboard displaying an overview of the personalised overall performance of its principals and transport labels

The services TK’Blue dedicates to Freight Forwarders responds to several challenges:

  • Provide clear information on the economic and environmental quality of transport providers’ bids
  • Refine the management of logistics choices through regular and automatic simulations and reporting
  • Facilitate the development of its customers’ GHG and CSR reports by using renowned quality indicators
  • Use a marketing and communication tool to promote CSR efforts to customers and stakeholders

The TK’Blue Rating, Management and Labelling service aims to enhance the value in the choices made by principals to their Supply Chain, thus making more environmentally responsible transport and economical transport a priority.