Thanks to its long-standing commitment to eco-responsible freight transport, TK'Blue is able to provide customized statistical studies and recommendations to support their transition plans and improve the performance of their transport operations.

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Annual rating report over a reference year

The rating report is a periodic document used to assess an organization's overall performance. It presents all the transport, CO2-GHG and economic performances, as well as the methodology used to determine the TK'Blue rating for the chosen scope.

This is a key element for completing the shipper's CSR report and drawing up the transition plan, made mandatory by Decree no. 2022-982 of July 1, 2022.

The TK'Blue calculator enables our methodology teams to draw up the most complete and accurate rating reports, so as to take full account of all GHG emissions from transport operations, and effectively reduce them by identifying "hot spots" and areas for improvement.

Summary document and recommendations

With the goal of carbon neutrality set for 2050, freight transport operators must be able to provide a transition plan including concrete actions to reduce their GHG emissions.

To support you in this process, TK'Blue offers you a summary and recommendations document to accompany the annual rating report.

This document is an operational tool which, as part of the obligation to define a transition plan, enables organizations to make decisions more effectively and define their own action choices more precisely.

This two-part document offers :

  • An overview of the reference year's performance, highlighting the key elements detected in the rating report.
  • Priority actions to reduce GHG emissions, customized and specific to the organization.
  • A forecast of the reduction in GHG emissions that would result from implementing these priority actions.

It is designed for immediate sharing with employees, customers or authorities.

Studies on the impact of logistical changes

The impact study is a tailor-made service carried out at our customers' request.

This fully customized service is aimed at organizations wishing to make strategic choices to improve the overall performance of their freight transport operations.


TK'Blue is able to accurately calculate the impact of logistical changes at all scales, in environmental, economic, social and societal terms. TK'Blue is able to compare your company's current performance with the scenario(s) of your choice.

Once the study has been carried out, TK'Blue provides you with a precise comparative summary, a key tool in your decision-making process.

The TK'Blue team is committed to supporting innovative initiatives for an ever more efficient supply chain.

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