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Freight forwarders

TK'Blue services enable freight forwarders to accurately calculate the environmental and social performance of all their transport operations, and to automatically produce accurate reports for each of their customers, in compliance with ISO 14 083, GLEC and Afnor Spec X43 072.

In addition to these Ex Post analyses, Ex Ante forecasting and simulation tools enable us to identify and effectively manage ways of reducing the overall footprint of logistics flows.


Calculate precisely the GHG emissions and negative externalities of all transport operations, for all modes and all types of packaging, energy and transshipment.


Identify areas for improvement for your customers, to offer them a genuine decarbonized transport strategy.


Customize GHG and CSR reports for each of your customers, in line with and highlighting your operational choices.


Offer your customers the weighting between costs, lead times and carbon impact of the different transport options available to them. Select the carriers with the most eco-responsible solutions.

TK'Blue, a powerful BI solution dedicated to eco-responsible steering of your customers' logistics flows.

Conveyor and loader diagram

The TK'Blue collaborative platform supports you at every stage of calculating the GHG emissions of your customers' operations.

Performance calculation and projection

Precise CO2e and CSR calculations, to identify your performance, "hot spots" and areas for improvement to offer your customers.

Data flow steering

Track changes according to your customers' customized analytical criteria: entities, regions, ....... modalities.

Reporting and recommendations

Summary document and recommendations to support your customers' transition plan and gradual improvement of their overall performance.

Active collaboration with your service providers

Valuing transport service providers in terms of their environmental commitment, and sharing progress action plans with them.

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TCC offer

  • Self-service web service for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your transport operations.
  • TCC gives you immediate and precise analytical reports, calculated according to the analytical criteria of your choice.

By TK'Blue offer

  • Reduce your GHG emissions and promote your commitment to sustainable transport
  • and establish shared action plans with its carriers
  • Detailed CO2/GHG and CSR reporting on transport operations by shipper customer 
  • Simulate and compare transport plans, identify performance and areas for improvement 

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