The Blue

Meet our talented team, whose expertise and determination perfectly embody TK'Blue's commitment to a more sustainable supply chain.

Our mission:
Commitment to measure, manage and improve

At TK'Blue, our main mission is to promote shippers, forwarders and carriers who favor eco-responsible transport solutions, combining economic, environmental, societal and social performance. We highlight the players involved in the transition to sustainable transport, helping to build a more responsible future for the logistics industry.

Philippe Mangeard

Philippe Mangeard
Chairman - Founder

Wilfrid Rimbault
Wilfrid Rimbault
General Manager
Régine Mangeard
Régine Mangeard
IT Manager
Thomas Wainstein

Thomas Wainstein
Methodology and Strategic Projects Engineer

Marcia Assuncao

Marcia Assunçao
Communications & Marketing Manager

TK'Blue Governance

TK'Blue's European governance is made up of over seventy representatives of all the players, experts and operators in the supply chain, ensuring the company's legitimacy, credibility, evolution, adaptation and independence over the long term.

The role and members of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board constantly monitors the management of the company by the Executive Board.

It monitors the work of the Steering and Scientific Boards, to ensure that the issues, rules and reasoning raised are perfectly aligned with their implementation by the Agency's Executive Board.

The Board brings together leading figures from the professional and institutional worlds, including sustainable development specialists, financial auditors, economists and politicians. It meets at least once a year at the invitation of its Chairman.

Chairman of the Board


Former Chairman and CEO of SNCF Réseau


Former Chairman of Transports DARFEUILLE-SALVESEN


President, Myseedcap


Former Chairman of the Forum for Responsible Investment

Laurence HEZARD

Former member of the French Economic, Social and Environmental Council, former Managing Director of GRDF


Engineer in Agronomy and Rural Engineering, Founder of the B to Planet Association


Executive, consultant, think tanker, columnist at DECYSIVE

Philippe PAYEN

Former Vice-President Strategy and Innovation, VEOLIA Transports

The role and Chairman of the Orientation Board

The Advisory Board provides medium- and long-term forward-thinking on the Agency's development particularly in terms of training, research, technology transfer, and relations with national and international partners.

The reflections, analyses, summaries, proposals and recommendations resulting from its work are intended to help the Agency in its strategic choices.

The Board meets at least once a year, convened by its Chairman, and comprises 50 leading figures from the professional and institutional worlds: industry federations, prime contractors, transport and logistics groups and operators.

Patrick LAHAYE

President, Transports LAHAYE

The role of the Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board validates the agency's general operating plan.

It sets out the methodological principles for labeling carriers and rating shippers.

This council keeps a scientific watch to ensure that the methodology evolves in line with the latest advances and the recommendations of the Orientation Council.

It validates scientific documents, in particular those relating to the presentation of the methodology, at the suggestion of the Agency's Methodology Department.

Chairman of the Board


Professor at SciencesPo Lyon, transport economist, member of LAE


Professor at the University of Lyon

Michael BROWNE

Professor of Economics, Gothenburg, Sweden


Professor at Mines ParisTech

Jean-Pascal GOND

Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Cass Business School, City University London


Managing Director, IFSTTAR


Economist - Market Observation

Enrico MUSSO

Economist and Professor at the University of Genoa


Head of National Cooperation and Research, AVL (Austria)

Christa SYS

BNP Paribas Fortis Chair in Transport, Logistics and Ports at the University of Antwerp


Professor at the University of Antwerp (Belgium)