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The TK'Blue Carrier Labeling solution enables them to promote the quality of their offer and their economic, environmental, societal and social performance to their customers.

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Get precise, compliant calculations of your GHG and CSR performance indices.

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Meet your customers' demand for traceability and commitment

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Boost your sustainable transport offers and increase your positive impact on the environment

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Assess your entitlement to financial assistance

TK'Blue, BI's ally for transporters for eco-responsible transport performance!

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Labellisation for environmentally-friendly transporters

The TK'Blue collaborative platform highlights the performance of your transport offer

Calculation of performance indices

In-depth analysis of the quality of transport logistics flows and their environmental, social and societal impacts.

Carrier and shipper relations

Simplify the sharing of regulatory and supporting documents with your customers, and access an exclusive directory that highlights the quality of your services.

Financial aid

Access to the Blue C2E service, in partnership with GEO PLC, to facilitate and monetize your Energy Savings Certificates and thus obtain your subsidies.

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TCC offer

  • Self-service web service for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your transport operations.
  • TCC gives you immediate and precise analytical reports, calculated according to the analytical criteria of your choice.

By TK'Blue offer

  • Reduce your GHG emissions and promote your commitment to sustainable transport
  • and establish shared action plans with its carriers
  • Detailed CO2/GHG and CSR reporting on transport operations by shipper customer 
  • Simulate and compare transport plans, identify performance and areas for improvement 

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