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2nd edition of the Eco-responsible Transport Trophies
Carrefour, Europorte, FM Logistic, Tratel, Butagaz, Auchan winners

From left to right: Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue Agency, Guillaume Bueninck, Head of sales of Everoad – Carl Lauron, CEO of BuyCo

This Wednesday 16th, the Digital Transport Club event took place at the restaurant of the Union Nautique de Marseille, with 3 Club start-ups in attendance: BuyCo, Everoad and TK’Blue.

The Transport Rating and Labelling Agency, TK’Blue, took the opportunity to hold the 2nd edition of its award ceremony for the Eco-responsible Transport Trophies.

This event highlights the transport stakeholders involved in the “Blue Dynamic”, highlighting their initiatives to reduce environmental and societal footprints, and brought together more than 100 guests and partners

Six awards were awarded to the companies most committed to promoting the global CSR dimension of the transport chain: TK’Blue Shipper Award, TK’Blue Carrier Award, TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award, CSR Performance Award, Social Performance Award, and Transport Responsible Purchasing Award.


TK’Blue Shipper Award

Thomas Mathieu, Head of CSR at CARREFOUR, received the TK’Blue Shipper Award for the CSR actions carried out by his group, including:

  • The group’s loyalty over the past 6 years in its actions carried out in the TK’Blue dynamic
  • The use of CNG and Piek standard vehicles for the majority of store delivery operations in cities (66% of TK), significantly reducing the impact of pollutant emissions and noise compared to traditional diesel vehicles.
  • The group’s desire to go further in the CSR commitment of its transport service providers by integrating broader societal criteria.
TK’Blue Carrier Award

Christophe Bourson, EUROPORTE’s Regional Director, was awarded the TK’Blue Carrier Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • The promotion of an environmentally and people-friendly mode of transport at the global level
  • A commitment reinforced by the use of electric locomotives.
  • The choice of the latest generation locomotives equipped with an energy consumption monitoring box for diesel-powered transport.
TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award

Nicolas Elie, Head of Transport Purchasing at FM LOGISTIC, was awarded the TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award for the group’s ongoing CSR actions, including:

  • The implementation of a sustainable development strategy based on four pillars: social, societal, economic and environmental.
  • On specific aspects of transport, the group uses the TK’Blue Labelling service to improve the CSR qualification of its subcontractors and offer its customers ever more virtuous transport.
  • The systematic monthly sending of GHG and societal reporting to each of its customers
  • The complete satisfaction of its regulatory reporting obligations, including the societal aspects of transport, which is a significant asset for their customers, who are increasingly demanding in this dimension of transport.
CSR Performance Award

Rémi Duprez, TRATEL’s Quality & Environment Coordinator, had already received the TK’Blue Transport Organiser Award at the 2018 Awards ceremony; this year the Agency wanted to acknowledge their increased CSR efforts during 2019 by awarding them the CSR Performance Award:

  • As a long-standing partner of TK’Blue, Tratel has implemented actions to promote the TK’Blue labelling system among its subcontractors.
  • Tratel and Unibéton operate the first top truck running entirely on Natural Gas for CNG vehicles in order to meet the challenges of urban and peri-urban deliveries with a low societal impact.
  • The group has invested in a 700t barge in order to carry out a modal shift between Gargenville and Ivry sur Seine in the Parisian suburbs and save dozens of truck rotations.
Social Performance Award

Butagaz was awarded the Social Performance Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • Offsetting the GHG emissions of its individual customers by financing concrete projects certified by international bodies.
  • The strong involvement of all senior management in the actions of the TK’Blue service.
  • The choice of subcontractors strongly involved in protecting the environment and human health, with more than 80% of service providers training all drivers in eco-driving having set up internal systems for this active management of eco-driving.
Performance Awards Purchasing Transport Managers

Joël Miguet, Head of International Textile, Logistics and Transport Operations at AUCHAN Retail and Hélène Bergeron, Road Transport Coordinator at AUCHAN Retail, received the Transport Responsible Purchasing Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • The development of short circuit solutions whose objective is to limit the societal and environmental impact of transport.
  • The implementation of a requirement for transparency on the quality of their transport service providers, in particular on the maritime sector, including overseas, through the use of TK’Blue’s measurement and analysis tools.
  • A TK’Blue label for 85% of AUCHAN Retail’s road hauliers.

The commitment of each group to sustainable transport and the encouragement of eco-responsible service providers are all criteria highlighted by TK’Blue Agency and that make everyone deserve this fine reward.

Thomas Mathieu, Head of CSR at CARREFOUR
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Christophe Bourson, EUROPORTE Regional Director
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Nicolas Elie, Head of Transport Purchasing at FM LOGISCTIC
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Rémi Duprez, Environmental Purchasing Quality Studies Manager at Tratel
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Hélène Bergeron, Road Transport Coordinator of AUCHAN RETAIL
Joël Miguet, Head of International Textile, Logistics and Transport Operations of AUCHAN RETAIL
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY