TK’Blue & Certibruit

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TK’Blue Agency joins the certibruit association


According to a recent study by Bruitparif, an Île-de-France resident is estimated to lose on average eleven months of healthy life due to noise pollution related to his/her environment.

The impact noise has on health is not new; this is why noise has been determined by TK’Blue as one of the 6 negative externalities. TK’Blue has been evaluating noise since its conception in 2012 in freight transport alongside pollution (Nox, Sox, particulate matter), congestion, accidents, global warming…

Since this concern is becoming a priority in the city, it seemed natural for TK’Blue to join the CERTIBRUIT association, which develops and promotes a schema for silent deliveries.

TK’Blue Agency is pleased to provide the association with additional insight into the quantification of negative externalities: the noise generated by deliveries but also the impact on the cost of congestion that can be limited by postponing delivery times.

Lastly, it should be noted that if a company has committed itself to a night delivery schema, or wishes to do so, the Paris City Hall has introduced two financial supports for professionals who deliver to the capital:

  • Assistance in the acquisition of soundproof commercial vehicles that meet the PIEK standard.
  • Assistance to finance the various actions necessary (audit, works, certification) to soundproof the Parisian premises used.

Do not hesitate to use this support corresponding to actions explicitly recognized in the context of TK’Blue rating and indexes:

  • Piek vehicles reported by haulers contribute to improving fleet’s TK’T index for urban routes.
  • The Certibrand is included in the TK’CSR index, a new index dedicated to the social responsibility of carriers.