TK’Blue supports the ECLER program

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TK’Blue Agency supports the ECLER program


TK’Blue Agency has been chosen to support the ECLER program, an energy savings program to optimize the means of transport under controlled temperature, and to achieve direct and massive energy savings.

Digital innovation and awareness training of actors in the cold supply chain is carried out by 3 actors: Cemafroid, through its long-standing experience in certifying refrigeration equipment, Hydroparts France through its knowledge of the world of transport and industrial maintenance and

This program, chosen by the Ministry of Ecology within the framework of the EWCs, consists of training and raising awareness of good practices among refrigerated transport drivers, as well as the large-scale deployment of digital innovation in the logistics sector and connected refrigerated units.

In order to associate environmental indicators to the approach that allow the contributions of the actions planned in the program to be measured, TK’Blue Agency has been chosen to:

1. Defining the methodology for the pilot of the ECLER program (Cemafroid) to assess the impact of training in good practices for driver-deliverers in terms of:

  • Main energy saving, main monitoring indicator of the ECLER program
  • Climate impact (GHG) and other negative externalities, such as the impact on air pollution

2. On behalf of Visible Digital, carry out an evaluation of the environmental indicators associated with the 9 “digitized” actions targeted by the program.