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EDITO: Are carriers meeting theirCO2 emissions obligations?

First European country to implement itFrance is a pioneer in making CO2 for each of their transport operations since October 1, 2013. With the aim of cleaning up the transport sector, and thus significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it now seems necessary to evaluate the practical implementation of this obligation.

A call for tenders to assess contractor compliance
Skeptical about the implementation of this regulation, the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy has launched a call for tenders in recent days to conduct a quantitative and qualitative study to assess, according to the specifications, "the degree of application of the measure, to know the degree of accuracy of the calculations made, according to the regulations, and to assess the degree of use of the information in the environmental strategy of companies."

The forthcoming publication of the order provided for in Article D143119 created by Decree no. 20144530 of May 22, 2014.
It will impose verification of the compliance ofCO2 calculators with this same French decree, as provided for in the Grenelle 2 Law. As a reminder, a transport organizer must report the operations it subcontracts and transmit only theCO2 information itself provided by its subcontractor.

TK'Blue Agency, at the heart ofCO2 information
TK'Blue Agency has come up with a real solution to the problem of transparency inCO2 information for contractors, which is currently being addressed by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. Multimodal, its method of calculatingCO2 information has been audited by Bureau Veritas to comply with the French decree. The service is free of charge for road hauliers, and also enables regular transmission and reporting ofCO2 emissions and greenhouse gases to principals.