"Is Paris burning?", COP21, SITL

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Editorial: "Is Paris burning?

COP21, Energy Transition Act, traffic bans,... At last, serious resistance and action are underway to free Paris from its terrible occupants: particulates, CO2, noise and congestion.

There's no shame in coming to the rescue of this long-awaited victory! Each and every one of us, in our place and in our role, can accelerate this surrender of the troops of poorly organized, ill-equipped transport, and thus propel the arrival of new uses, means and logics that will get us out of the infernal triptych "growth-consumption-pollution".

I'm convinced that the TK'Blue initiative, which brings together all the players in the transport chain (shippers, freight forwarders, hauliers, infrastructure managers, local authorities, NGOs and associations, etc.) will play its part in this final battle.

Philippe Mangeard, President of TK'Blue Agency

IS PARISBURNING? The epic story of the liberation of Paris Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.