You can drive better looking through the windscreen ... than with just your rear-view mirror.

We mentioned it a few weeks ago: the market is finally moving! New offers competing with TK'Blue's 9-year-old calculation of transport GHG emissions are appearing daily.

It's about time! Everyone is finally doing their part in the fight against climate change and becoming aware of the environmental and societal impact of transport.

However, we mustn't fall into the trap of quickly "invented" solutions, based solely on average emission factors that provide neither the truth about carbon footprints, nor any room for further progress!

There are even calculators that do not take into account pre- and post-carriage, the specificity of a particular fuel, temperature-controlled transport, capacity differences, or even French regulations (decree 2011-1336)!

Accuracy and conformity of calculations and complete reporting of operations, as analytical and detailed as possible, are the essential imperatives, otherwise we fall into green-washing worthy of the early 2000s, and derive no benefit for our supply-chain.

Over the years, TK'Blue has built up a reputation for rigorous, precise calculations, making it the undisputed global benchmark.

It's the only platform to take account of carriers' actual consumption, simulate reduction paths, integrate all CSR criteria, and offer powerful management and monitoring tools thanks to its integrated BI.

In addition, it is now communicating with the new services of its climate center, Global Climate Initiatives.

In this way, the company can produce its own global GHG balance sheet, from factories to warehouses, including retail outlets, travel and, of course, real information on the environmental quality of its transport chain.