The SITL is the unmissable event of the transport and logistics industry. Discover innovative solutions and industry trends at the event which will take place from 13 to 15 May.

Come and share with TK’Blue, to discover the solution allowing companies to optimize their transport costs, improve the quality of their fleet while respecting the environment and society.

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TK’Blue commits to GDPR compliance


70% of French companies do not yet comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Yet, even if only the Supply Chain, poses real risks on personal data. This is why, from the first half of 2020, TK’Blue has committed itself and obtained its “Compliance Review”.

Our Rating Agency is naturally proud to announce this first successful step in its compliance with the GDPR, thanks in particular to its support by l’Agence RGPD, the national leader in GDPR compliance and training – whose Paris branch is headed by the well-known Christophe Hinfray, DPO certified with the CNIL.
TK’Blue thus proves once again that it is a partner that fully respects and protects the personal information collected on its shippers and carriers partners.

To help you better understand compliance, TK’Blue invites you to a dedicated video webinar in cooperation with Agence RGPD Paris-Ouest on “GDPR in Transport and Supply Chain”, on November 24th, 2020 from 2 to 2:40 pm.

You steer better by looking through the windshield… rather than with your rear-view mirror alone. 


The market is finally moving!


We mentioned it a few weeks ago: The market is finally moving! New offers competing with the calculation of transport GHG emissions, already proposed by TK’Blue for 9 years, are appearing every day.

It’s about time! Everyone is finally doing their part in the fight against climate change and is becoming aware of the environmental and societal impact of transportation.

However, we should not fall into the trap of rapidly “invented” solutions, relying only on average emission factors that allow neither the truth about the carbon footprint, nor any room for improvement for the future!

We even see calculators that take into account neither pre- and post-transport, nor the specificity of a particular fuel, nor temperature-controlled transport, nor capacity differences, nor even French regulations (decree 2011-1336)!

Precision and conformity of calculations and a complete reporting of operations, as analytical and detailed as possible, are the essential imperatives, if not to fall into a green-washing worthy of the early 2000s, and to derive no benefit for its supply chain.

Over the years, TK’Blue has been built on very strict requirements for rigorous and precise calculations, making it the undisputed world reference.

It is the only platform that takes into account the actual consumption of carriers, simulates reduction paths, integrates all CSR criteria and offers powerful management and monitoring tools thanks to its integrated BI.

What’s more, it now communicates with the new services of its climate cluster, Global Climate Initiatives.

The company can therefore carry out its own global GHG balance sheet, from factories to warehouses, including shops, travel and, of course, real information on the environmental quality of its transport chain.

SOGET, world leader in the Port Community System, completes its offer with TK’Blue to offer its customers accurate and automatic GHG reporting.


SOGET supports port fluidity by organising intelligent, shared and instantaneous management of logistics chain information for public and private operators. Its solutions are turnkey, innovative and combine business process expertise and technological excellence, in close proximity to its customers and partners.

It was therefore quite natural for SOGET to choose TK’Blue to provide its hundreds of forwarding agents, carriers and shippers with GHG information on their operations.

Thanks to this new environmental brick, the SOGET system offers its customers instant access to precise, detailed, compliant and accredited GHG reporting according to the national and international standards in force, for all operations upstream and downstream of the port passage.
Precise tracking of the impact by maritime, road, rail and river segment, from end to end of the transport chain, enables real performance monitoring, immediately generating both economic and environmental benefits.

Digital Transport Club Cocktail – March 18, 2020



The SITL will be held this year from 23 to 26 June. For the occasion, 6 members of the Digital Transport Club (TK’Blue, Alis International, Buyco, Opalean, Shippeo and Xeneta) are organizing a cocktail. This cocktail will be an opportunity to meet innovative start-ups in the world of Digital Transport and to meet the new leaders of the Supply Chain..

This cocktail party will take place at booth C85.

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An undynamic COP 25… TK’Blue steps in!



COP 25 organizers and NGOs denounce a minimalist resolution to address the climate emergency.  The press unanimously relayed a COP 25 that was “disappointing”, “unambitious” and “not up to the challenges”.

It would seem that once again, governments are unable to agree to answer to the climate emergency.

The COP 24 scenario is being repeated again… despite the incantations of all the experts, NGOs, personalities and international experts.

We can welcome the fact that the European Commission alone has proposed its “green pact”: to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality in the European Union by 2050 at the latest.

Like the Political Union, the Economic Union, i.e. all the companies in Europe, have the opportunity to commit themselves, in local and regional solidarity and set themselves up as a global example!

Transport is a key element in the success of the Planet’s energy transition, and therefore climate success.

Ten years ago, TK’Blue took the gamble to promote voluntary climate-friendly approaches by companies in their supply chain.

Measuring, monitoring and reducing emissions linked to the transport of goods is an important, essential lever for companies to commit to reducing their emissions: more than 30% on average of their carbon impact!

Congratulations to the hundred or so shippers in Europe, pioneers who, by joining the TK’Blue dynamic, have understood the strategic aspect for their company of controlling and starting their own emission reduction mechanisms.

They have not waited for the regulatory constraints which, in any case, will be there tomorrow. They have decided to act now, in good conscience.

Let’s also remember that governing or managing…also means planning for the future.

In spite of this mixed COP25 Madrid, TK’Blue strongly believes in the will of Spanish citizens to reduce its global emissions: reduction of 55% by 2030 compared to the level recorded in 1990.)

The government, based on its analysis of the available leverage, has announced very strict measures to be applied on transportation.

Sicasoft, which has specialized for 10 years in the environmental impact of companies, was the natural partner of TK’Blue for Spain.

Since last November, Sicasoft has become the undisputed leader in solutions for measuring, reducing and managing greenhouse gas emissions for the supply chain. It now makes its teams available to all Spanish and Portuguese companies wishing to adopt an approach that respects the environment and the sustainable development of their business.