Reporting and

The "Reporting" service enables you to draw up and export detailed or simplified reports on your customers' transport operations, as well as strategic recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and environmental and societal impact of their supply chain.

Draw up a solid Transition Plan and engage your stakeholders!


Submit your GHG emissions and negative externalities results to validate your CSR commitment with your customers.


Display your progress over time and position in relation to the market average


Easily obtain alerts, advice and action plans based on real, not estimated, data

Customizable dashboard

Select the indicators and data that are most relevant to you, to give you optimum visibility of the key aspects of your business and performance.


    Consolidating transport flows

    Design your own customized report based on your specific criteria, to communicate your customers' consolidated performance in an impactful way.

    CO2-GHG performance report

    Automate reporting to your customers on the environmental, social and economic performance of their transport chain. Remain transparent, proactive and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable and responsible logistics.

    CO2-GHG report
    monthly report

    Monthly activity report

    Send your customers your monthly TK'Blue activity report, including in-depth analyses of their social performance, CO2-GHG emissions and transport performance.

    Report and recommendations

    Optimize your sustainable performance with our annual report, an essential complement to your CSR report.
    • This detailed document presents your transport, economic and CO2-GHG performance: summary and recommendations in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, including summary tables for an overall view of the year in question and up to three customized proposals for feasible priority actions, with emission reduction estimates associated with each action. Give new impetus to your sustainable commitments!
    Rating report and recommendations

    Customized studies, reports and recommendations

    Access two customized, on-demand study offers:
    • Study and report on a reference year: Even without subscribing to the TK'Blue or TCC offers, a request for recommendations can be made by supplying a flow data file. The TK'Blue team will then draw up a summary and recommendations document, which can be used as part of a transition plan.
    • Impact studies for logistical changes: TK'Blue offers you comparative statistical studies on the environmental impact of different proposals, covering GHGs and negative externalities, enabling you to make informed decisions for more sustainable logistics.

    Performance calculation and projection

    Data flow steering

    Reporting and recommendations

    Active collaboration with your service providers

    Eric Paumier
    Former General Manager, COLIS PRIVE
    We can offer our customers full quantitative and qualitative reporting on our eco-responsible choices.

    "We were convinced by TK'Blue Agency's innovative approach, which enabled us to offer a service tailored to our needs and operations.

    In this way, we can offer our customers complete and precise reporting on their CO2 emissions, as well as qualitative information on the eco-responsible choices we make to guarantee them high-quality, optimodal transport."

    TCC offer

    • Self-service web service for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your transport operations.
    • TCC gives you immediate and precise analytical reports, calculated according to the analytical criteria of your choice.

    By TK'Blue offer

    • Reduce your GHG emissions and promote your commitment to sustainable transport
    • and establish shared action plans with its carriers
    • Detailed CO2/GHG and CSR reporting on transport operations by shipper customer 
    • Simulate and compare transport plans, identify performance and areas for improvement 

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