Steering of
data flows

The "Steering" service offers you a wide range of powerful results, enabling you to effectively optimize, monitor and improve the impact and quality of your freight transport operations.

Surpass your objectives for optimizing your Transport operations


Calculate, compare and improve the eco-responsible, technical and economic performance of your transport operations


Analyze your logistics flows by transport mode, by carrier, by customer and according to different criteria: TK'T, TK'GHG, logistics performance, TK'Ext...


Integrate your own KPIs into steering, planning and reporting tools, thanks to Excel export.

Analysis of logistics optimization

Access a detailed analysis of the logistical optimization of your transport operations, and its evolution month by month over the whole year.
  • Tracking of tonne-kilometres, distances and volumes by transport mode, customer, etc.
  • Logistics optimization indicators calculating for each mode of transport the average tonnage transported per 1 kilometer traveled, and the average distance traveled per 1 ton transported.
    Analysis of logistics optimization
    Carrier analysis

    Analysis of carrier performance

    Access a complete analysis and benchmark of your carriers' environmental, social and economic performance for each mode.

    • Analysis of carrier performance by reliability level to know the impact on the quality of the carriers used.
    • Comparison of GHG performance with benchmarks specific to each type of transport used.
    • Detailed cost analysis of pollutants generated by transport operations.
    • Benchmark your carriers against all TK'Blue label carriers

    Comparison of Carrier performance

    Compare the performance of carriers and their fleets.
    • Follow-up of registrations from TK'Blue and non-TK'Blue carriers
    • Comparison of TK'Blue label carriers by fleet category and energy used, technological improvements implemented, and the percentage of their own and subcontracted fleets that have received the label.
    Carrier comparison
    action plan

    Drawing up a dEcarbonation plan

    After analyzing the performance of your carriers' fleets, you can draw up your own strategy for reducing environmental impact.

    • Develop action plans by setting and monitoring qualitative and quantitative targets for carrier fleets.
    • Simulation and comparison of the overall performance of different transport solutions.

    Performance calculation and projection

    Data flow steering

    Reporting and recommendations

    Active collaboration with your service providers

    Pascal Sainson

    Former President, EUROPORTE

    The TK'Blue international benchmark clearly demonstrates the eco-responsibility of transport.

    "EUROPORTE is a global operator capable of offering a wide range of integrated rail freight services under a single brand across Europe.

    The TK'Blue international benchmark clearly demonstrates the eco-responsibility of rail transport by accurately measuring its lower societal costs in terms of negative externalities (CO2, noise, congestion, accidents, particulates, upstream and downstream processes, air and soil pollution).

    In line with the policy of its sole shareholder, the EUROTUNNEL Group - which was awarded the prize for the best CSR policy of a major group - EUROPORTE has been committed for several years to becoming the leading independent operator in its businesses in France, with a European reach.

    The range of tools developed by TK'Blue Agency and the services offered thus respond to three of EUROPORTE's priorities:

    • Customer satisfaction by communicating various indicators specific to their traffic, demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.
    • The profitable and sustainable development of the company through the various management tools on offer.
    • Investing in our social and environmental responsibility by offering a decision-making tool to help us reduce our impact on the planet.

    The TK'Blue tool offers a global decision-support solution for both carriers and shippers, to reduce all types of nuisance for the benefit of the company, the community and the environment.

    TCC offer

    • Self-service web service for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your transport operations.
    • TCC gives you immediate and precise analytical reports, calculated according to the analytical criteria of your choice.

    By TK'Blue offer

    • Reduce your GHG emissions and promote your commitment to sustainable transport
    • and establish shared action plans with its carriers
    • Detailed CO2/GHG and CSR reporting on transport operations by shipper customer 
    • Simulate and compare transport plans, identify performance and areas for improvement 

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