Fret21, a powerful force for more eco-responsible transport ... and better performance!

Fleury Michon, Air Product, Carrefour, Coca Cola Entreprise, Ferrero, Hénaff, Orrion Chemicals, Saint Gobain SCA France have made commitments.

More than 1,000 will follow, announced Ségolène Royal, Bruno Léchevin (Ademe) and Denis Choumert (AUTF) at Unesco on May 20.

This national impetus confirms our objective over the last three years: to create an eco-responsible dynamic between all the players in the transport chain - shippers, carriers, forwarding agents - to reduce CO2 emissions and all the other nuisances associated with transport: particulates, accidents, noise, congestion, soil and air pollution, etc.

TK'Blue management tools are genuine decision-making aids and automated reporting tools, enabling us to monitor the objectives of FRET21: optimized vehicle filling, reduced distances, choice of the best mode and means of transport, and raising awareness among service providers of the need to reduce emissions.

The direct consequence of this "environmental" improvement is a simultaneous improvement in the cost, reliability and punctuality of transport flows.

The winning trio!