Relationship between Carriers and Shippers

TK'Blue facilitates communication between you and your customers, because we understand the crucial importance of close collaboration between key players in the transport industry. With our services, you can strengthen your ties with your customers and build solid, transparent relationships.

Let's join forces to establish efficient, sustainable logistics at the heart of the transport ecosystem.


Strengthen collaboration with your subcontracted carriers by simplifying the exchange of essential information.


Stand out from the crowd by highlighting your carrier profile and the quality of your services to your customers.


Be the preferred choice of customers by highlighting the proven quality of your transport services.

Document management, the Blue File service

Make it easy to send administrative, regulatory and specific documents to your customers, thanks to the "Blue File" service.

TK'Blue checks that all the documents requested on the platform have been uploaded and informs you of their regular updates.

  • Simplify the sharing of social and tax authorizations and any other documents imported to your customers or all TK'Blue users.
  • Time-saving updating of social and tax authorizations and any other imported documents.
Blue file
Blue Gallery

Carrier directory, the Blue Gallery service

Stand out from the crowd as a TK'Blue-labeled transporter, with your GHG performance index, your technological commitment, and simplified updating of your administrative, regulatory, supporting and specific documents requested by your customer.

  • Enhancing the quality of your services
  • Competitive advantage by strategically positioning yourself by mode and fleet category among TK'Blue label carriers.

Performance comparator

Be proactive in your sustainable development approach, by offering your customers eco-responsible solutions at the cutting edge of innovation.

  • TK'T, GHG and TK'Ext performance comparator to position your eco-responsible performance in relation to all carriers, and simulate your future performance using improvement hypotheses.
  • Simulation tool for responding to calls for tender by simulating the potential eco-responsible performance of your fleets, versus other transport solutions.
    Performance comparator (1)

    Calculation of performance indices

    Carrier and shipper relations

    Financial aid

    Patrick Lahaye
    TK'Blue enables us to provide our customers with tangible proof of our eco-responsible actions.

    "The company's CSR approach is mainly optimodal on the East-West and North-South axes, putting as many trucks as possible on the train, to reduce our carbon emissions and save energy.

    TK'Blue allows us to verify what Transports LAHAYE achieves in terms of energy savings. It also provides our customers with tangible proof of our eco-responsible actions and our efforts to "transport better" thanks to new technologies and energies, such as electric trucks.

    TCC offer

    • Self-service web service for reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your transport operations.
    • TCC gives you immediate and precise analytical reports, calculated according to the analytical criteria of your choice.

    By TK'Blue offer

    • Reduce your GHG emissions and promote your commitment to sustainable transport
    • and establish shared action plans with its carriers
    • Detailed CO2/GHG and CSR reporting on transport operations by shipper customer 
    • Simulate and compare transport plans, identify performance and areas for improvement 

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