Transport Labelling

TK’Blue Labelling

Improves the quality of the services offered and strengthens the contribution of logistics service providers to the economic, ecological, social and societal performance of clients.

4 Indexes

The Labelling uses the following indexes:

TK’T index: Measures the quality level of transport companies

TK’GHG index: Aggregation of CO2 and GHG emissions

TK’Ext index: Measures the economic, societal and performance of transport flows

TK’CSR index: Measures the social, societal and ethical performance of companies



3 Key Objectives

    • Image improvement, as well as the promotion and development of an environmentally friendly transport offer
    • Reaction to customer feedback:Transparent supply chains and commitment to eco-responsibility
    • Appreciation of the service quality and envrionmentally friendly performance offered, as well as the simplification of CO2-GHG reporting.


4 Gains

TRANSPORT GAIN: personalized advice, action levers, improvement strategy

COMPLIANCE GAIN legal obligation of transparency in social and environmental matters, commitment to a progress approach

FINANCIAL GAIN: optimization of human and material resources

IMAGE GAIN : eco-responsible performance, comparing and differentiating oneself