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TK’BLUE opens in Spain!


José Luís Madrid, CEO of Sicasoft Solutions states – Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’Blue Agency –
Paul Ledesve, Partnership Manager of TK’Blue Agency


This partnership will enable shippers and carriers in Spain and Portugal to benefit from the innovative services TK’Blue has to offer. The main objective is to improve freight transport’s economic and environmental performance.

For 15 years now, Sicasoft has developed smart BI and reporting solutions for companies to efficiently organize non-financial information requests from stakeholders. It was naturally the best potential exclusive partner for TK’Blue, the world leader in transport rating and labelling.

One of the greatest challenges Sicasoft faces in a global scale, is creating a sustainable economic and social model. Sicasoft believes its method of providing companies with a sustainability management solutions portfolio, which improves their decision-making when it comes to incorporating sustainability criteria in their strategic business process. As a result, it helps companies move towards sustainable development and a low carbon economy.

José Luís Madrid, CEO of Sicasoft Solutions states, “We want to help shippers and carriers with their contribution to fight against climate change as well as improve their logistic efficiency and competitiveness, and TK’Blue is our best ally with this goal by far.

Launched in 2011 at the French senate, TK’Blue Agency has become the referenced non-financial rating agency for groups and companies wishing to improve and enhance the economic, environmental and societal performance of their supply chain.

Beyond the historical offer on GHG and CSR reporting and the analysis of the business performance of carriers, TK’Blue constantly thrives to meet the expectations of its customers and partners: new BI tools, customizable dashboards, cascade charts, benchmarking, action plans, alerts and cost control.

That is why TK’Blue has already convinced over a hundred international customers, including many major accounts such as Sephora, Faurecia, Metro, Michelin, Unilever and Carrefour.

As Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue points out, “TK’Blue’s opening in the Spanish market is a great opportunity and attests once again, to our human and technical investment in the continuous improvement of the eco-friendly and responsible performance of each international transport stakeholder.