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Shippers' testimonials
For Andros’ logistical activity, we want to reduce our environmental footprint and look to the future with a forward-looking and sustainable eye!


“At Andros, we like to see far, to anticipate the future. Up to now, regulatory obligations on the environmental impact of freight transport have been light and there are very few demands from our customers.

However, for Andros’ logistical activity, we want to reduce our environmental footprint and look to the future with a forward-looking and sustainable eye! This is why we use the services of TK’Blue Agency, which make it possible to measure the current state of our environmental footprint and to have at our disposal a complete range of tools enabling us to act in our objective of reducing CO2 and GHG emissions and thus to continuously improve ourselves.”

Jean-Pierre Guyot, Logistics Director

TK’Blue is necessary to measure and improve our approach to responsible progress


“We have diversified modes of transport by promoting the use of more “soft” transport, optimize loads, and ensure an efficient logistics for our customers. We are in a process of responsible progress and we need the tools and services of TK’Blue Agency to measure them and continue our improvement.

They notably allow us to see in real-time the quality from our suppliers, the possible alternatives in terms of CO2 emissions and of generation of tones kilometers blue saving. “In the end, the rating process will enhance our decisions and efforts”

Arnaud Manès, Leroy Merlin France Transport Manager


BIC relies on TK’Blue to simplify its measurement of the CSR impact of its transportation


”In 2016, BIC Europe decided to choose TK’Blue to complete its measurement of the Transport impact and eventually replace it completely.

TK’Blue now offers a complete measurement, in compliance with our legal obligations and extremely flexible for our internal analyses. BIC relies on TK’Blue to simplify its measurement of the CSR impact of its transports in Europe and around the world. Indeed, after a probation period in Europe, we will propose the extension of the use of TK’Blue to all our subsidiaries in order to guarantee a single, reliable and shared measure.”

Pierre Daurces, Supply Chain Manager

This rate encourages our carriers to commit to our side


”With a team is always available and tuned. SEO at TK’Blue is simple. TK’Blue notation fits perfectly into our CSR efforts and environmental. This rate, encourages our carriers to engage with us in the way of sustainable development”

Antoine-Marie de Fontmichel, Logistics Director

A tool for decision support and collaboration with our carriers


”We have also decided to use the TK Blue rating. This system is a real decision-making tool that records and so easy to compare carriers with whom we work. What got us interested in this rate; it is that she doesn’t takes into account not only rejected CO2 but also, greenhouse gases, pollution, traffic congestion, accidents, noise and the social dimension of transport companies. For us, it is really a complete tool the decision support. This reinforces also our relations with our carriers who have played the game! We are proud to be a pioneer in this approach.”

Philippe Duhamel, Transport Manager

Simple, reliable and independent, indicator embodies our desire to measure our environmental impact to optimize them


”The Group Galleries Lafayette is fully aware of the impacts of the activities of its various branches on the environment, and has implemented a voluntary approach around issues of social responsibility and environmental (CSR). It is intended to follow a plan of action to limit the environmental impact of its various activities. It is in this spirit that fits today its commitment into the TK’Blue for all of its Transport Activities Control of our costs and our delivery time has always been the basis of our control but we realized that quality of execution should also be at the heart of our issues.

In a context where transport represents the main source of gases to the effect of greenhouse (GHG), Galleries Lafayette enrolled in a comprehensive approach to the rationalization of their pattern of distribution with the goal the reduction of GHG. Our commitment to TK’Blue, simple, reliable and independent indicator, thus embodies our desire to measure our environmental impact to optimize them

David Herrenschmidt, Director Program Supply Chain

Freight forwarders and Carriers' testimonials


TK’Blue allows us to communicate with our customers in perfect transparency


”The commitment of CRYSTAL GROUP for TK’Blue is part of a well-defined strategy and is based on four pillars: compliance, innovation, development and citizenship. » Compliance because this commitment, and the tools that support it, allow CRYSTAL GROUP, and its subsidiary operational QUALITAIR & SEA, to strictly respect the regulatory requirements for environmental management. We do that duplicate what we already do customs or safety/security with the commitment to economic authorized operator.
Beyond that, we know that teams of TK’Blue are on permanent standby and we rely on them to defend our interests, to adapt the tools to the best of our operational constraints. Innovation, our commitment goes beyond the single compliance. We constantly, on our market, be the first to deploy the most innovative tools and methods that meet the needs of our customers, exporters and importers.
Let us repeat TK’Blue commitment significance at CRYSTAL GROUP, which is not unlike our commitments on customs, eminently strategic plan. Development, because we do our commitment TK’Blue a real tool of communication with Council. Environmental footprint becomes a key factor in selection of the logistics service providers and TK’Blue commitment allows us to communicate with our customers in perfect transparency. TK’Blue partners consistent and innovative, then our own client is compliant and innovative. It’s a virtuous circle. Citizenship finally, because our commitment TK’Blue is part of a much broader vision of responsible business. On the environment, we want to be committed an actor, not a spectator.”

Olivier Layec, Secretary General


The TK’Blue is a highly comprehensive and accurate indicator that takes into account simple parameters


”The TK’Blue is a highly comprehensive and accurate indicator that takes into account simple parameters, as the rail distance (from the origin and destination stations codes) and the tonnage actually hauled. » A combination of mode of transport CO2 emissions is also made possible. It allows to easily transmit information CO2 from transport operations through the management of personal data.”

Alain Thauvette, President of European Cargo Rail (ECR, subsidiary DB Schenker rail)


This tool ensures a good traceability on our environmental performance to our customers


”The TRATEL subsidiary transport of Ciments Calcia society on the perimeter France Belgium (Italcementi group), embarked on a blue approach to TK Blue European Agency for 2 years with all of its Charter.” The different services offered by teams TK’Blue, allow us to meet our customers if needed on the impact of CO2 emissions issued on their behalf. The different reporting represents the reality of streams by service, by region, by customer for a same group, etc…. This allows us to communicate in CO2 emissions up to level 3, without much difficulty.

This management tool ensures a good traceability on our environmental performance for our customers and a good responsiveness to quickly communicate the impact of CO2 on the supply chain part we cover.”

Rémi Duprez, Quality, Purchasing and Environment Studies Manager


International benchmark TK’Blue clearly demonstrates eco-responsibility of the transport


”EUROPORTE is a global operator capable of offering a wide range of rail freight services integrated under a single brand at European level.
International benchmark TK’Blue clearly demonstrates eco-responsibility of rail transport by precisely measuring its lower societal costs in terms of negative externalities (CO2, noise, congestion, accidents, particles, process upstream and downstream, air and soil pollution).

Part of the policy to its sole shareholder, the EUROTUNNEL group – who was awarded the prize of the best of a large group CSR policy – EUROPORTE committed for several years in order to be in its businesses, the leader of the independent operators in France with a European influence.

The palette of tools developed by the European TK’Blue Agency and services responding to three of the priority axes of EUROPORTE:
– The satisfaction of our customers by their communicating various indicators specific to their traffic, demonstrating our commitment in the improvement continues.
– The profitable and sustainable development of the company through various management tools offered.
– In our social responsibility and environmental investment by providing a tool to support the decision to reduce our impact on the planet.

The TK’Blue tool offers a solution global decision support, both for the carriers and shippers, in order to reduce overall emissions for the benefit of the company, the community and the environment

Pascal Sainson, President


We can offer our customers complete reporting quantitative and qualitative ecoresponsible choices


”We have been convinced by the innovative approach of European TK’Blue Agency who was able to offer a service tailored to our needs and our operations. We can thus offer our customers a complete reporting and accurate of their CO2 emissions and more qualitative information on eco-responsible choices we do to ensure a quality transport and optimodality.”

Eric Paumier, CEO


The index TK’Blue brings a strong competitive advantage in the market


Operating in France and across Europe, Pall-Ex France’s first independent palletized freight distribution network. Since its launch, Pall-Ex France prompted the quarantine of member carriers to get their index TK’Blue. By this voluntary approach, Pall-Ex wants to score its differentiation and commitment strong group in the development of an eco-friendlier goods transport and encourages its members to get their index TK’Blue. “We believe that this commitment in the TK’Blue approach will we to respond to demand for transparency and quality to our customers, and we bring a strong market competitive advantage.”

Christophe Poupart, CEO


TK’Blue allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive and efficient in order to be naturally competitive delivery


”For Logiyonne, integration into European TK’Blue initiative is presented as a no-brainer. Indeed, since its inception in 2010, Logiyonne accompanies its activities and its growth by a permanent creativity, ecological dynamism as well as an optimization of the tools used to power offer clients a comprehensive and efficient delivery (efficiency, ecoresponsibility and economy).
TK’Blue notation so perfectly illustrates the vision of Logiyonne and reinforces this will be naturally competitive on export and import flows.”

Didier Mercey, Manager


Values objectively the advantages of rail transport well beyond the CO2


”ECR is the first operator private rail freight in Europe to get its index TK’Blue performance eco-responsible. Independent, and rewarding the weakness of the negative externalities of rail transport (CO2, particles, noise, accidents, congestion, pollution of the soil, …) index TK’Blue helps ECR to confirm to its customers and partners its ongoing commitment to offer more effective solutions from an economic and environmental point of view. “We are delighted to be able to position us as a pioneer of the index TK’Blue rail, who us allows to demonstrate the benefits of well beyond CO2 rail transport and in all objectivity, through an independent agency and reference.”

Marc Bizien, CEO

Video testimonials from our customers


Richard Quesne, Logistics Director

Pascale Gabla, Transport Director

Raymond Ibinda, Logistics Coordinator

Marie Garnier, Director of Quality & CSR
METRO France

Philippe Labbé, General Manager & Rémi Duprez, Quality and Environment Coordinator

Patrick Lahaye, President
Transports LAHAYE

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