Rating & ROI

TK’Blue Rating

Valorize the principals in the choice of transport they make, giving priority to eco-responsible transport.

2 indicators

The rating is based on:

A progress indicator: symbolized by a letter, is the main rating. It measures the year-on-year change in average costs per tonne-kilometre. It is calculated from the carriers’ TK’€ indices and weighted by the kilometres driven by them on behalf of the shipper.

Reliability indicators: symbolized by a “+” or “-” and a star, reflect the quality and accuracy of the TK’T and TK’GES declarations of the selected carriers.

3 key objectives

  • Provide transport stakeholders with a “Trusted Third Party” platform for the exchange of information and data to obtain visibility and analyse the quality of logistics flows and their environmental, social and societal impacts.
  • Help shippers to improve the economic performance of their transport chains.
  • Enhance the quality of carriers’ offers and eco-environmental performance, and facilitate their GHG reporting.

4 gains

TRANSPORT GAIN: purchasing, quality, management

COMPLIANCE GAIN: authorizations, compliance, risks

FINANCIAL GAIN: overstocks, stock market valuation, invoices

IMAGE GAIN: internal and external