Rating & ROI

TK’Blue Rating

TK’Blue supports you in the selection of transport modes: Give priority to environmentally conscious transport!

2 Indicators

The rating is based on:

Progress indicator: This is the main indicator. Shown by a letter, it indicates the change in average costs per tonne-kilometer compared with the previous year. The indicator is calculated using the TK’Ext indexes of freight forwarders, in proportion to the kilometers ordered by the shipper.

Accuracy indicator: Symbolised by a plus (+) or minus (-) and an optional asterisk reflecting the accuracy of the TK’T and TK’THG of the contracted carrier.

3 Key Objectives

  • Provide all actors in the transport chain with a platform to exchange information and data that creates transparency and analyses the quality of logistics flows and their ecological, social and societal impacts.
  • Support shippers in improving the profitability of their transport chains.
  • Improve the supply quality and environmental balance of transport companies and to facilitate their GHG reporting.

4 Gains

TRANSPORT GAIN: Purchasing, Quality, Management

COMPLIANCE GAIN: Authorizations, Compliance, Risks

FINANCIAL GAIN: Overstocking, Business evaluation, Invoices

IMAGE GAIN: Internal and External