Performance indices

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Carrier performance

The TK’T index is a real tool for valuing the economic, environmental and societal performance of carriers with their clients and other carriers.

Carriers can position themselves relative to their peers by comparing themselves to the average of the TK’T indices of the mode of transport for which they obtained their own indices.

3 levels of indices


Provisional :
If a carrier does not or does not fully respond to the questionnaire, it will be assigned a default index with the value of a low-performance fleet in the category under consideration.

Declared :
The carrier completed the questionnaire but did not provide all the supporting documents for its declaration. The index is calculated but not validated.

Validated :
The carrier completed the questionnaire and provided supporting documents for its declaration. TK’Blue validates the calculated index.

Environmental performance

The GHG information service allows carriers to satisfy regulatory requirements and transmit GHG information directly to their clients via the Labelling platform.

Carriers benefit from personalized advice to develop a strategy to reduce GHG emissions with short, medium and long-term actions.

4 levels of indices


Level 1 :
Level 1 values are default values provided by ADEME for each mode of transport, by type of activity or mode of transport.

Level 2 :
Level 2 values are averages calculated by the service provider over the entire activity.

Level 3 :
Level 3 values are averages calculated by the service provider from a complete breakdown of its activity (by logistics organisation scheme, by type of route, by customer, by type of means of transport or any other appropriate complete breakdown)

Level 4 :
Level 4 values are calculated from the actual data of the transport service.

Societal performance

The TK’Ext service makes it possible to analyse, for each transport operation, mode by mode, the detailed costs of the negative externalities generated (accidents, congestion, particles, noise, climate change, etc.).

The analysis of societal costs allows carriers to determine the societal benefits obtained by the client’s eco-responsible choices, which can be consulted in the Blue Gallery, the directory of carriers.

Ethical and social performance

The TK’CSR index makes it possible to promote the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach to road freight transport (TRM) among shippers and principals.

The online answers to the questions, and the use of data from the existing TK’T and TK’GHG indices, make it possible to define 3 CSR indices associated with the different priorities set by the departmental CSR logistics reference framework.

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