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Become a TK’Blue Partner!

Have you ever discussed with your customers or your network about the difficulties of interpreting environmental transport data?

How can we manage such a wide choice of transport modes and the stakeholders involved?

What if multimodal flows are involved? How can one assess the impact of all negative externalities at stake? Is there a way to have a clear and transparent vision of the whole picture?

How can a company precisely measure its environmental impact and GHG emissions while optimizing costs?

Join the TK’Blue Partner Program today!

Join forces with us to create a global network of companies involved in making an impact on the environmental costs generated by freight transportation.

In your role as a TK’Blue partner, you recognize the strategic need and urgency to provide shippers with the only 3 “P” solution in the transport market: to protect the Planet, People, and Profit as well as being in compliance with increasingly demanding CSR regulations.


Do you wish to help companies optimize their transport costs while taking care of the environment?

The TK’Blue Partnership Program, commits to:

  • Drive growth
  • Exceed the simple calculation of CO2/GHG emissions
  • Cover the entire CSR transport scope
  • Compare the costs and quality of suppliers
  • Expand business through strategic development and profitable revenue streams
Join a trusted network of experts in supply chain, transport and sustainability sectors,
all committed to be part of tomorrow’s change in the world of freight transportation!

TK’Blue Partner Benefits

Access to Strategic Markets with an innovative solution

Joint Business Planning

New Profitable Revenue stream

Joint Marketing Planning

Training provided by headquarters

Dedicated partnership manager

Share Revenue models

Support in local marketing efforts

Weekly Sales support from HQ

Customized levels of partnership

Do you want to be part of the journey?

Contact the TK’Blue partnership service by email or by using the contact form

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