Labelling: how does it work?

The TK’T index is calculated on the basis of internationally recognised criteria adapted to the particularities of each mode of transport.

TK’Blue Agency offers carriers to better promote and publicize their eco-responsible commitment by obtaining their TK’T Index.

All you have to do is fill in an online questionnaire on the TK’Blue labelling platform, specific to each mode of transport (road or rail or inland waterway or sea or air).


Carriers thus communicate information relating to the characteristics of their fleet(s), and their human and material resource management, which will make it possible to calculate their TK’T index directly.

Consult the Labelling questionnaires

Labelling criteria

The questions asked by TK’Blue Agency to obtain a TK’T index are rational, objective and easy to answer.

They correspond to the nature and technical composition of the fleet, the optimisation of human and material resources, and the degree of use of solutions and tools to reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions.