TK’Blue Labelling

Enhance the quality of the offers and the economic, environmental, societal and social performance of carriers for their customers.

4 indices

The Labelling is based on:

The TK’T index: Measuring the quality level of transport service providers

The TK’GHG index: Calculation of indices and aggregation of CO2 and GES emissions

The TK’€ index: Measures the economic, societal and environmental performance of flows

The TK’CSR index: Measures the social, societal and ethical performance of companies



3 key objectives

    • Improve the carrier image, promote and develop their eco-responsible transport offers
    • Response to the demand for traceability and commitment from their customers
    • Value the quality of the offers and the eco-environmental performance of carriers, and facilitate their CO2-GHG reporting.


4 gains

TRANSPORT GAIN: personalized advice, action levers, improvement strategy

COMPLIANCE GAIN legal obligation of transparency in social and environmental matters, commitment to a progress approach

FINANCIAL GAIN: optimization of human and material resources

IMAGE GAIN : eco-responsible performance, comparing and differentiating oneself