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Particulate Matter, Pollution, Noise, Traffic Congestion and Accidents

TK'BLUE evaluates the quality of transportation
to improve the efficiency of companies and citizens' lives.

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Save time, money and reduce your CO2/GHG emissions through sustainable transport.

  • Select transport providers based on criteria
  • Action plans to improve overall performance
  • CO2/GHG and CSR Reporting

A free exchange platform for all transport modes.

  • TK’Blue, the CSR labelling solution for transport providers
  • A precise calculation of CO2/GHG emissions
  • Various tools for all transport modes
Freight Forwarder

Transparent relationships with your customers to enhance efficiency.

  • A CO2/GHG caclculator, audited by BUREAU VERITAS
  • An instance of trust between parties involved
  • A win-win situation guaranteed

They chose TK'Blue....

"TK'Blue is necessary for us to measure and pursue the improvement of our responsible progress approach"

Arnaud Manès, Transport Manager Leroy Merlin France

"TK'Blue's commitment allows us to communicate with our customers in complete transparency"

Olivier Layec, Secretary General

"This tool ensures us a good traceability on our environmental performance with our customers"

Rémi Duprez, Quality, Purchasing and Environment Studies Manager

"We want to reduce our environmental footprint and look to the future in a forward-looking and sustainable way!"

Jean-Pierre Guyot, Logistics Director


TK’Blue, 4 indexes, 4 performances…

TK'T index – Carrier performance

The TK'T index reflects the service quality of the transport provider with regard to the vehicle fleet, the organisational processes and the training level of the drivers employed.

TK'GHG index – Environmental performance

The TK'THG index enables companies to calculate their CO2 and GHG emissions and send reports to their customers.

TK'Ext index – Societal performance

The TK'Ext index makes it possible to calculate the social impacts of transport, i.e. external costs borne by the population.

TK’CSR index – Ethical and social performance

The TK'CSR index creates transparency and objectivity with regard to sustainable measures taken by transport companies.

Transport Comparator


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