Freight forwarding service

TK’Blue turns your constraints into opportunities

Your platform at a glance

The freight forwarder benefits from the same tools as the shippers:

management tools and action plan reporting CSR and CO2/GES documentary monitoring carrier directory.

The platform dedicated to freight forwarders offers a complete service
in the enhancement of eco-responsible, economic, societal and social performance.



A CO2/GHG and societal performance reports sent to customers to inform them periodically on the societal and environmental impact of transport operations carried out on their behalf. Several elements can be customized: scope of the analysis, date of dispatch, recipients at the customer’s premises….




A personalized analysis allowing the consolidation and benchmarking of performance by customer according to the freight forwarder’s own criteria.



A monitoring of the quality of the fleets of its transport service providers with a comparison by mode with the consolidated average TK’Blue, which ensures compliance with the company’s CSR strategy and contractual obligations with its customers.





Action plans allowing improvement levers for all the fleets of its service providers.

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