Case studies

Assess your transport provider in terms of eco-responsible transport

This actor in the cosmetics distribution area wanted to surround itself with the best partners in efficient and soft transport and was looking for an accurate and reliable evaluation solution.

The transport of goods from any distribution actor generates usually a heavy environmental, social and societal impact (global warming, noise, visual and acoustic nuisance).

Geographical scope of deployment was: stores in France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

Implementation of a virtuous multimodal transport solution

This large retailer used two national warehouses, each of which was the unique storage center for a given product SKU.

In order to take advantage of the North/South flows, the group and its transport provider studied a solution enabling all flows that can be eligible to be switched over to a multimodal solution virtuous from an environmental point of view, competitive financially, secure, and performant in terms of service rate.

The goal was to switch a major part of the transportation flows into a virtuous transport approach, and consequently to reduce the environmental and societal footprint.