Documentary monitoring

“Blue File” service

The provision of up-to-date administrative, regulatory and specific documents from carriers to all their customers at once.

The document tracking service, called Blue File, allows carriers to easily update and make available their mandatory documents required by the principals, thus ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Carrier benefits

Time saving in updating social and tax authorizations and any other documents imported for all TK’Blue users.

Simplification of the sharing of documents from carriers to their customers.

How the Blue File works

Carriers can import their social, tax and administrative documents, as well as any other documents requested, in a few clicks on their personal space.

Carriers are automatically reminded when their documents need to be updated or when their validity expires.

TK’Blue checks that the documents requested on the labelling platform are downloaded and monitors their updates.

Shippers can consult the documents, imported by their transport service providers, and check the conformity of the documents transmitted.