CSR and CO2/GHG reporting

Customized analysis

The shipper creates his personalized online report according to his own criteria, in order to communicate the consolidation of his performance to his customers or internal.

Performance report

The shipper schedules the periodic sending, to its customers and partners, of automatic reporting on the CSR and CO2/GHG performance of its transport chain.

Monthly activity report

TK’Blue sends the shipper a monthly activity report in which it will find analyses on its carriers, its societal performance, its CO2/GHG emissions and its TK’T performance.

Rating report

The rating report is sent on the shipper’s anniversary date. It presents all the carrier, CO2/GHG and economic performances, as well as the methodology, which made it possible to determine the TK’Blue Rating for the chosen scope. This is a key element in completing the shipper’s CSR report.