Carrier service

The freight forwarder can now benefit from the free services of the Labelling


The freight forwarder benefits from the same services as the carriers:

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GHG service

The GHG service allows the service provider and its subcontractors to calculate their CO2/GHG emission indices accurately from the data specific to each fleet of vehicles, thus transmitting accurate CO2/Ghg information to the shipper.


Benefits for the transport provider: 

GHG display of levels 1, 2 and 3 communicable to all its customers, in compliance with French and European regulations.


Benefit for customers:

CO2/GHG calculation in compliance with regulations and homogeneous.

TK’T service

The TK’T service allows the service provider and its subcontractors to calculate for each type of fleet (44T : carriers / LCVs) its TK’T index based on the quality of materials, equipment and staff training: this service is supplemented by personalised advice to improve its performance.


Benefit for the transport provider: 

Valuation for its customers of the efforts made by itself and its subcontractors in terms of materials, equipment and training.


Benefit for customers:

Precise calculation of the societal and environmental footprint, as it is based on an exhaustive description of the material, energy, equipment and drivers used by the service provider and its subcontractors.

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