Carrier directory

“Blue Gallery” service

The directory of carriers, called Blue Gallery, makes it possible to identify and compare the carriers listed by TK’Blue according to: their GHG information, their TK’T index, their TK’Ext index and the regular updating of administrative, regulatory, TK’T index justifications and specific documents required by the shipper.

Shippers show their carriers in their flows over the last 12 months.

Shipper benefits

Obtain complete visibility on all TK’Blue carriers referenced.

Choose the most efficient transport service providers according to a classification by mode and fleet criteria.

Facilitate the verification and monitoring of carriers’ social and tax authorisations.

The Blue Gallery in Picture




The Blue Gallery allows you to obtain a global presentation with the index of each carrier as well as the follow-up of their social and tax authorizations, facilitated by a graphic representation.




The shipper can consult the carrier’s personal profile, in which he will be able to consult in more detail the carrier’s TK’T and TK’GHG declarations, as well as all his documents

Transport Comparator

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