Carbon footprint of warehouses

Blue Storehouse

The Blue Storehouse service allows a calculation of CO2/GHG emissions from industrial and commercial buildings of shippers and logisticians, making it possible to quantify its environmental footprint beyond the means of transport to the preparation and storage sites.
The scope of the Blue Storehouse service includes the buildings and sites covered: Warehouse – Refrigerated or non-refrigerated logistics zone.


Reduce the cost of the energy bill.

Motivation of staff.

Positive communication with customers and communities sensitive to eco-responsible logistics sites.

Contribution to the mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assessments (French Decree 2011-829 of 11 July 2011 – Decree 2014-1393 of 24 November 2014 for large companies).

Important French norms

Organizations concerned :

Companies with more than 500 employees.
Public institutions with more than 250 employees.
Communities of 50,000 inhabitants and government services.

Publication :

Contribution to your company’s GHG emissions balance sheet with the Ademe since 1 January 2016. All emission factors of the Blue Storehouse service come from the Base Carbone®.

Decree 2011-829 of 11 July 2011

Since January 2012, public legal entities with more than 250 employees and local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants have been subject to the completion of their Regulatory Greenhouse Gas Emissions Balance Sheet.

Decree 2014-1393 of 24 November 2014

Decree 2014-1393 provides for the completion of the mandatory energy audit for large companies, which must cover 80% of energy bills.