Carbon footprint and methodology

Rating: how does it work?

Combination of the logistics data of the principals with the information of the carriers


The TK’Blue Extra-financial Rating combines the rating of the principal with the TK’T index of the carriers it implements, thus making it possible to draw up its extra-financial rating according to the choices of service providers it makes.

Shippers import their transport flows into their TK’Blue platform in Excel, CSV format or via the TK’Blue API.

They encourage their carriers to obtain their TK’T index(s) to estimate the quality of their materials, equipment and level of driver training.

Rating criteria


The rating criteria were selected and validated by the TK’Blue Scientific Council after analysis of various existing works whose reputation is recognised to date, such as Base Carbone®, CE DELFT, national transport accounts, Eco Calculator, PLANCO, IWW INFRAS, Boiteux, OEET, Fiches Bonnes pratiques VNF, EcoTransIT, Marco Polo Green Award Foundation, Charte “Objectif CO2”, etc.

These are constantly increased and updated thanks to the Scientific Council. This ensures that the rating criteria are perfectly in line with the continuous evolution of the criteria for assessing transport externalities recognised by the scientific and economic personalities making up this council.


The TK’GHG service methodology used and the calculation method used were audited and declared by Bureau VERITAS to comply with the regulatory requirements of the implementing decree n° 2014-530 of 22 May 2014 and with the methodology proposed by OEET.