SOGET, world leader in the Port Community System, completes its offer with TK’Blue to offer its customers accurate and automatic GHG reporting.

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SOGET supports port fluidity by organising intelligent, shared and instantaneous management of logistics chain information for public and private operators. Its solutions are turnkey, innovative and combine business process expertise and technological excellence, in close proximity to its customers and partners.

It was therefore quite natural for SOGET to choose TK’Blue to provide its hundreds of forwarding agents, carriers and shippers with GHG information on their operations.

Thanks to this new environmental brick, the SOGET system offers its customers instant access to precise, detailed, compliant and accredited GHG reporting according to the national and international standards in force, for all operations upstream and downstream of the port passage.
Precise tracking of the impact by maritime, road, rail and river segment, from end to end of the transport chain, enables real performance monitoring, immediately generating both economic and environmental benefits.