Sea Transport



New Sea Transport Regulation:
„Low Sulphur“


Since January 1, 2020 a new „Low Sulphur“ regulation from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) requires all shipping companies to reduce their sulphur (SOx) emissions worldwide.

Whereas only the Emission Control Areas (ECAs) in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea and North America were previously subject to restrictive SOx emission regulations, as of 01/01/2020, all sea areas worldwide will now be subject to the requirement not to exceed 0.5% sulphur in air (previously 3.5%). However, this level is still above the threshold allowed in SECA zones.

Companies must therefore adapt their means and marine fuels to comply with this regulation.


They will have three options to achieve this:

  • Use fuel with low sulphur content (e.g. marine diesel with a 0.1% sulphur content) which is more expensive than the current fuel and whose availability is not guaranteed everywhere;
  • Installing smoke reprocessing systems known as „scrubbers“, which involve additional installation costs and maintenance arrangements for on-board personnel;
  • Use alternative energies such as liquefied natural gas (LNG) for their new ships.

TK’Blue takes these different possibilities into account in the definition of fleets that allow the societal costs and air pollutant emissions associated with maritime transport to be calculated, taking into account the methods put in place to comply with the new regulations.




TK’BLUE opens in Spain!


José Luís Madrid, CEO of Sicasoft Solutions states – Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’Blue Agency –
Paul Ledesve, Partnership Manager of TK’Blue Agency


This partnership will enable shippers and carriers in Spain and Portugal to benefit from the innovative services TK’Blue has to offer. The main objective is to improve freight transport’s economic and environmental performance.

For 15 years now, Sicasoft has developed smart BI and reporting solutions for companies to efficiently organize non-financial information requests from stakeholders. It was naturally the best potential exclusive partner for TK’Blue, the world leader in transport rating and labelling.

One of the greatest challenges Sicasoft faces in a global scale, is creating a sustainable economic and social model. Sicasoft believes its method of providing companies with a sustainability management solutions portfolio, which improves their decision-making when it comes to incorporating sustainability criteria in their strategic business process. As a result, it helps companies move towards sustainable development and a low carbon economy.

José Luís Madrid, CEO of Sicasoft Solutions states, “We want to help shippers and carriers with their contribution to fight against climate change as well as improve their logistic efficiency and competitiveness, and TK’Blue is our best ally with this goal by far.

Launched in 2011 at the French senate, TK’Blue Agency has become the referenced non-financial rating agency for groups and companies wishing to improve and enhance the economic, environmental and societal performance of their supply chain.

Beyond the historical offer on GHG and CSR reporting and the analysis of the business performance of carriers, TK’Blue constantly thrives to meet the expectations of its customers and partners: new BI tools, customizable dashboards, cascade charts, benchmarking, action plans, alerts and cost control.

That is why TK’Blue has already convinced over a hundred international customers, including many major accounts such as Sephora, Faurecia, Metro, Michelin, Unilever and Carrefour.

As Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue points out, „TK’Blue’s opening in the Spanish market is a great opportunity and attests once again, to our human and technical investment in the continuous improvement of the eco-friendly and responsible performance of each international transport stakeholder.

SITL – Paris Nord Villepinte



The SITL is the unmissable event of the transport and logistics industry. Discover innovative solutions and industry trends at the event which will take place from 17 to 20 March at Paris Nord Villepinte – Hall 6.

Come and share with TK’Blue, to discover the solution allowing companies to optimize their transport costs, improve the quality of their fleet while respecting the environment and society. TK’Blue will be at stand C85.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Marcia Assunçao :


Digital Transport Club Cocktail – March 17, 2020



The SITL will be held this year from 17 to 20 March. For the occasion, 4 members of the Digital Transport Club (TK’Blue, Buyco, Opalean and Shippeo) are organizing a cocktail. This cocktail will be an opportunity to meet innovative start-ups in the world of Digital Transport and to meet the new leaders of the Supply Chain..

This cocktail party will take place at booth C85.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Marcia Assunçao :





An undynamic COP 25… TK’Blue steps in!



COP 25 organizers and NGOs denounce a minimalist resolution to address the climate emergency.  The press unanimously relayed a COP 25 that was „disappointing“, „unambitious“ and „not up to the challenges“.

It would seem that once again, governments are unable to agree to answer to the climate emergency.

The COP 24 scenario is being repeated again… despite the incantations of all the experts, NGOs, personalities and international experts.

We can welcome the fact that the European Commission alone has proposed its „green pact“: to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality in the European Union by 2050 at the latest.

Like the Political Union, the Economic Union, i.e. all the companies in Europe, have the opportunity to commit themselves, in local and regional solidarity and set themselves up as a global example!

Transport is a key element in the success of the Planet’s energy transition, and therefore climate success.

Ten years ago, TK’Blue took the gamble to promote voluntary climate-friendly approaches by companies in their supply chain.

Measuring, monitoring and reducing emissions linked to the transport of goods is an important, essential lever for companies to commit to reducing their emissions: more than 30% on average of their carbon impact!

Congratulations to the hundred or so shippers in Europe, pioneers who, by joining the TK’Blue dynamic, have understood the strategic aspect for their company of controlling and starting their own emission reduction mechanisms.

They have not waited for the regulatory constraints which, in any case, will be there tomorrow. They have decided to act now, in good conscience.

Let’s also remember that governing or managing…also means planning for the future.

In spite of this mixed COP25 Madrid, TK’Blue strongly believes in the will of Spanish citizens to reduce its global emissions: reduction of 55% by 2030 compared to the level recorded in 1990.)

The government, based on its analysis of the available leverage, has announced very strict measures to be applied on transportation.

Sicasoft, which has specialized for 10 years in the environmental impact of companies, was the natural partner of TK’Blue for Spain.

Since last November, Sicasoft has become the undisputed leader in solutions for measuring, reducing and managing greenhouse gas emissions for the supply chain. It now makes its teams available to all Spanish and Portuguese companies wishing to adopt an approach that respects the environment and the sustainable development of their business.




2nd edition of the Eco-responsible Transport Trophies
Carrefour, Europorte, FM Logistic, Tratel, Butagaz, Auchan winners

From left to right: Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue Agency, Guillaume Bueninck, Head of sales of Everoad – Carl Lauron, CEO of BuyCo

This Wednesday 16th, the Digital Transport Club event took place at the restaurant of the Union Nautique de Marseille, with 3 Club start-ups in attendance: BuyCo, Everoad and TK’Blue.

The Transport Rating and Labelling Agency, TK’Blue, took the opportunity to hold the 2nd edition of its award ceremony for the Eco-responsible Transport Trophies.

This event highlights the transport stakeholders involved in the „Blue Dynamic“, highlighting their initiatives to reduce environmental and societal footprints, and brought together more than 100 guests and partners

Six awards were awarded to the companies most committed to promoting the global CSR dimension of the transport chain: TK’Blue Shipper Award, TK’Blue Carrier Award, TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award, CSR Performance Award, Social Performance Award, and Transport Responsible Purchasing Award.


TK’Blue Shipper Award

Thomas Mathieu, Head of CSR at CARREFOUR, received the TK’Blue Shipper Award for the CSR actions carried out by his group, including:

  • The group’s loyalty over the past 6 years in its actions carried out in the TK’Blue dynamic
  • The use of CNG and Piek standard vehicles for the majority of store delivery operations in cities (66% of TK), significantly reducing the impact of pollutant emissions and noise compared to traditional diesel vehicles.
  • The group’s desire to go further in the CSR commitment of its transport service providers by integrating broader societal criteria.
TK’Blue Carrier Award

Christophe Bourson, EUROPORTE’s Regional Director, was awarded the TK’Blue Carrier Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • The promotion of an environmentally and people-friendly mode of transport at the global level
  • A commitment reinforced by the use of electric locomotives.
  • The choice of the latest generation locomotives equipped with an energy consumption monitoring box for diesel-powered transport.
TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award

Nicolas Elie, Head of Transport Purchasing at FM LOGISTIC, was awarded the TK’Blue Freight Forwarder Award for the group’s ongoing CSR actions, including:

  • The implementation of a sustainable development strategy based on four pillars: social, societal, economic and environmental.
  • On specific aspects of transport, the group uses the TK’Blue Labelling service to improve the CSR qualification of its subcontractors and offer its customers ever more virtuous transport.
  • The systematic monthly sending of GHG and societal reporting to each of its customers
  • The complete satisfaction of its regulatory reporting obligations, including the societal aspects of transport, which is a significant asset for their customers, who are increasingly demanding in this dimension of transport.
CSR Performance Award

Rémi Duprez, TRATEL’s Quality & Environment Coordinator, had already received the TK’Blue Transport Organiser Award at the 2018 Awards ceremony; this year the Agency wanted to acknowledge their increased CSR efforts during 2019 by awarding them the CSR Performance Award:

  • As a long-standing partner of TK’Blue, Tratel has implemented actions to promote the TK’Blue labelling system among its subcontractors.
  • Tratel and Unibéton operate the first top truck running entirely on Natural Gas for CNG vehicles in order to meet the challenges of urban and peri-urban deliveries with a low societal impact.
  • The group has invested in a 700t barge in order to carry out a modal shift between Gargenville and Ivry sur Seine in the Parisian suburbs and save dozens of truck rotations.
Social Performance Award

Butagaz was awarded the Social Performance Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • Offsetting the GHG emissions of its individual customers by financing concrete projects certified by international bodies.
  • The strong involvement of all senior management in the actions of the TK’Blue service.
  • The choice of subcontractors strongly involved in protecting the environment and human health, with more than 80% of service providers training all drivers in eco-driving having set up internal systems for this active management of eco-driving.
Performance Awards Purchasing Transport Managers

Joël Miguet, Head of International Textile, Logistics and Transport Operations at AUCHAN Retail and Hélène Bergeron, Road Transport Coordinator at AUCHAN Retail, received the Transport Responsible Purchasing Award for the CSR actions carried out by the group, including:

  • The development of short circuit solutions whose objective is to limit the societal and environmental impact of transport.
  • The implementation of a requirement for transparency on the quality of their transport service providers, in particular on the maritime sector, including overseas, through the use of TK’Blue’s measurement and analysis tools.
  • A TK’Blue label for 85% of AUCHAN Retail’s road hauliers.

The commitment of each group to sustainable transport and the encouragement of eco-responsible service providers are all criteria highlighted by TK’Blue Agency and that make everyone deserve this fine reward.

Thomas Mathieu, Head of CSR at CARREFOUR
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Christophe Bourson, EUROPORTE Regional Director
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Nicolas Elie, Head of Transport Purchasing at FM LOGISCTIC
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Rémi Duprez, Environmental Purchasing Quality Studies Manager at Tratel
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Hélène Bergeron, Road Transport Coordinator of AUCHAN RETAIL
Joël Miguet, Head of International Textile, Logistics and Transport Operations of AUCHAN RETAIL
Jérôme Gabalde, Vice-President of TK’BLUE AGENCY

Deployment in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore



TK’Blue Agency expands in Australie, New Zeland and Singapore


The International Non-Financial Transport Rating Agency TK’Blue, announces the creation of a new Agency in Australia, also covering New Zealand and Singapore.

The objective is to offer shippers, carriers and freight forwarders in the Southern zone its solutions for improving and enhancing the economic and environmental performance of their logistics choices.


Thanks to the online tools, available 24/7, they will be able, along with more than 10,000 users in Europe and beyond, to have powerful and dynamic analyses enabling them to collaborate transparently to reduce the societal cost of the impacts of transport on the planet and its citizens.

David Coleman, TK’Blue’s new local representative, shares with us his vision:

As more major Retailers, Manufacturers and Resources companies announce targets to reduce emissions in their value chain, they need a way to accurately measure and drive improvement with their freight partners.

TK’Blue provides both, offering shippers unmatched levels of precision and ease to report on the cost and negative impacts of their multimodal transport activities, and enabling close collaboration with logistics providers to reduce emissions and benchmark performance.


Organized as a collaborative platform, TK’Blue has been differentiated since 2012 by its complete spectrum of analysis and reporting, while providing the best level of calculation of CO2 (certified by Bureau Veritas) and Greenhouse Gas emissions (compliant with the „GHG Protocol“), and on the valuation of the CSR commitments of the principals.

Dozens of major groups such as Carrefour, Sephora, Michelin, Saint-Gobain, Auchan and Procter & Gamble have already committed themselves to the TK’Blue dynamic.

By combining eco-responsibility and the economic performance of logistics choices, TK’Blue meets the demands of each of the transport stakeholders.


As Philippe Mangeard, President of TK’Blue, points out: „This opening to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore is a further step forward for TK’Blue Agency, which is expanding into a strategic and innovative market for freight transport in this area.”

David Coleman agrees, adding: “The arrival of TK’Blue is well-timed, because these countries rank in the top 20 globally for CSR governance and that’s driven by growing community demand for sustainably-made and delivered products and services, so transporters and their customers in the region are increasingly competing on their sustainability credentials

TK’Blue supports the ECLER program



TK’Blue Agency supports the ECLER program


TK’Blue Agency has been chosen to support the ECLER program, an energy savings program to optimize the means of transport under controlled temperature, and to achieve direct and massive energy savings.

Digital innovation and awareness training of actors in the cold supply chain is carried out by 3 actors: Cemafroid, through its long-standing experience in certifying refrigeration equipment, Hydroparts France through its knowledge of the world of transport and industrial maintenance and

This program, chosen by the Ministry of Ecology within the framework of the EWCs, consists of training and raising awareness of good practices among refrigerated transport drivers, as well as the large-scale deployment of digital innovation in the logistics sector and connected refrigerated units.

In order to associate environmental indicators to the approach that allow the contributions of the actions planned in the program to be measured, TK’Blue Agency has been chosen to:

1. Defining the methodology for the pilot of the ECLER program (Cemafroid) to assess the impact of training in good practices for driver-deliverers in terms of:

  • Main energy saving, main monitoring indicator of the ECLER program
  • Climate impact (GHG) and other negative externalities, such as the impact on air pollution

2. On behalf of Visible Digital, carry out an evaluation of the environmental indicators associated with the 9 „digitized“ actions targeted by the program.

Manhattan Exchange 2019



This is an annual event which draws together the Manhattan Associates’ community of customers and partners from across EMEA into an intensive few days filled with insight and best practice from some of the world’s leading brands in retail, manufacturing, wholesale and logistics.

TK’Blue will host the conference on Wednesday, October 9 on the theme: „How to improve the economic and environmental performance of transport and ensure full CSR compliance.“

For more information, contact Marcia Assunçao:


TK’Blue Agency accredited in compliance with the GLEC framework by Smart Freight Centre



TK’Blue’s GHG emissions calculation tool is accredited compliant with the international standard GLEC by Smart Freight Centre


On July 2019, TK’Blue Agency received accreditation from Smart Freight Centre (SFC) for its measurement tool to calculate GHG emissions in accordance with the GLEC standard, version 2.0 published on July 12, 2019.

TK’Blue is one of the first GHG emissions calculation tools to receive this SFC accreditation for all modes of transport worldwide.

Many international groups are already part of the “Blue dynamic”, and some have expressed interest in using the GLEC framework. TK’Blue has therefore ensured that its tool is aligned with this recent and growing demand.

At the end of the accreditation process, SFC confirms that TK’Blue Agency can provide calculations for freight transport and logistics operations that are in methodological compliance with the GLEC standard.

This accreditation also means that multinational prime contractors and logistics service providers can implement the GLEC framework using the TK’Blue service platform.